31.03.2023, 20:00h — Tribüne NordTribüne OstTribüne West

For lovers of quizzes: Pub-Quiz in English (4) with Leonie and Rafi

Since 2014 we regularly hold pub-quizzes in German at our bar. A love story.
From time to time we had English speaking people who asked us whether we could present our quizzes in English. Now we finally decided to start it.
We are looking forward to welcoming you at our second English pub-quiz.

Start: 8 p.m.
Give Lenin a history lesson, give Columbus a geography lesson and get tips from your friends on the latest gossip. In other words, convince with your overall package in the general quiz.
The quiz is multimedia-based: You get to read, see and hear. Be curious! We are looking forward to seeing you!
Send registrations to: raphael.pfister@didioffensiv.ch (Have a look at your spam folder if you didn't get an answer.)

Important information on participation:
--> The maximum team size: Maximum 6 persons.
--> You don't have to pay a "basic fee".
--> Until 31.3.2023 at 14:00 you can register via raphael.pfister@didioffensiv.ch. Please register your teams with a binding number of persons.
--> Reserved starting places will be allocated on 31.3.2023 from 19:45 if the team has not shown up by then and there are not enough free starting places. Start of the quiz: 8 p.m.
--> The quiz is not a game of chance. It is about fun, glory and honour! Especially honour...
Binding instructions for participation in the Pub Quiz General Knowledge:
The maximum number of participants per team is 6. If there are more than 6 people, the team will be split into two smaller teams, provided there is enough space.
It goes without saying, but it should be mentioned here anyway:
For reasons of fairness, we ask you to refrain from consulting external sources such as smartphones and tablets. After all, you should be smart and not your phone.
There is no fee for participating in the quiz. Participants are free to pay for the quizmasters' efforts by making a contribution to the collection.
Last but not least:
Have fun, take it sportily and come again. We thank you for your active participation and look forward to constructive criticism and feedback of any kind.
In this spirit: Nunc est quizendum!