We show live football matches and other big sport events. The matches are shown on different screens in areas which we call stands. Stand „Nord“ is a large TV, Stand „West“ is a big screen in the front area of the bar and Stand „Ost“ is a big screen in the rear area of the bar.


Next matches:

12.11.19, 19:00h — Tribüne West, Tribüne Nord
EM-Qualifikation: Schweiz vs Rumänien

15.11.19, 20:45h — Tribüne Nord
EM-Qualifikation: Bosnien-Herzegowina vs Italien

15.11.19, 20:45h — Tribüne West, Tribüne Ost
EM-Qualifikation: Schweiz vs Georgien

18.11.19, 20:45h — Tribüne Nord, Tribüne Ost, Tribüne West
EM-Qualifikation: Gibraltar vs Schweiz